Monday, 2 May 2011

No Health Without Mental Health Strategy 2011

The new government strategy for mental health care in the UK is  now available with all supporting evidence on their website.  There is a lot to read but also  an easy read document. Having skimmed through a lot of it (because we already know it)  it appears to be promoting the following ideas

  • mental illness is costing the country a lot of money
  • people need to be more resilient
  • people need to be more in control of their health and recovery
  • early intervention and health promotion may reduce the burden
  • stigma should be addressed locally
  • primary care should be more active 
  • people need to be back in work to reduce isolation and improve resiliency/ social support
Much of the above service users and carers have been asking for for some time. there is little attention to involving service users and carers ( it is mentioned once or twice)  and there is little talk of emancipation. Although there is some reference to the Equality Act  2010. All in all this document does not say anything that we do not already know in mental health care but it does use some of the above as outcome indicators. This is a start in the right direction, let's hope that the principles and outcomes within this strategy have got some power to  improve mental health care provision.

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