Monday, 16 August 2010

The Triangle of Care

At last a good practice guide for involving carers in acute mental health care! This has been a long time coming  and is a useful resources for ideas in practice on how to involve carers .
It does however provide the dreaded tick list which can lead people into a false sense of security but the auditors love it. Likewise it does not really address the  issue of conflict which will inevitably arise around who knows what the best needs of the service user are?
It does not even  acknowledge the law  that has been around for the last decade on carers needs although there is a little bit about confidentiality.
 One recommendation is for training  but does not say what this should be and another is for carer champion posts which can sometimes be a dumping ground. A change in values and attitudes is what is needed ( I can hear some staff saying that they will not have the time)  and there is a lack of evidence for this within the document.

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