Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Workforce Development

Engaging with Care A vision for the Health and Care workforce in England.

Dawson S, Slote Morris Z, Erikson W, Lister G Altringer B, Garside P, Craig M (2007) London. The Nuffield Trust.

The health service of the future will depend upon three levers of involvement or engagement

"The engaged consumer in a health system shaped by transactions between paid and
unpaid participants.

• The engaged worker in a health system shaped by leading engagement with those who
provide care, including informal and self-carers, as well as paid employees.

• The engaged citizen in a health system which minimises the causes of illness and maximises
wellbeing through fully engaging citizens and their communities". p11

"The self-image of the health professional as someone who intervenes to save the
patient in acute care has been replaced largely by an image of a guide for people with
long-term chronic care needs. Other values have shifted in response to changing technology.
For example, the ability to access and communicate knowledge is now more important than
memorising medical facts. These changes have required a substantial re-examination of the
training and continuing education of health and care workers". p14

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