Saturday, 27 October 2007

State of Healthcare 2006

Healthcare commission audit found the 2nd largest complaint to be about lack of service user involvement (20% - 22% being about safety)

p65:But giving patients greater choice is not the same as giving them a greater say in their care. Historically, patients have been relegated to the sidelines - where they become onlookers in decisions made about their own care - while doctors, nurses and managers by virtue of their greater medical knowledge have made decisions for them.
If this is to change and if the needs and wishes of patients are to be put first then we need a cultural shift in how professionals communicate and relate to patients. Nationally, this is now being recognised in the training being given to doctors, nurses and other staff which includes training in a range of communication and listening skills.

Healthcare Commission (2006) State of Health Care 2006. London. Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection.

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